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Jim Thomas

World-Renowned Negotiating Coach

Don't Leave Money On The Table.
Increase Your Profits Through Good Negotiating.

"Hello! This is Jim Thomas. Welcome to Common Ground Seminars.

All of us are negotiators in the 'big haggle' we call life. We share a challenging future that will test our negotiating skills as never before. My proudest accomplishment has been to help a whole lot of people negotiate a whole lot better. I hope to have the opportunity in a workshop, a speech or at a retreat, to do the same for you!"

Jim Is an Expert In:

  • Banking*
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Domestic & International Business
  • Trade & Diplomacy
  • Real Estate
  • Labor Relations
  • The Environment
  • Arms Control
  • And a host of other subjects


Jim's Clients Include:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Trace and Professional Associations
  • Nation, State & Local Governments
  • Multi-National Corporations & Organizations

*Jim is a Faculty Member of The Pacific Coast Banking School and Louisiana State University's Graduate School of Banking.    

Improve your negotiating skills and increase your profits with our Workshops, Keynotes, Coaching and Consulting. Unlike others, we customize our presentations to meet your organization's unique needs.  


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Nominated for a Pulitzer.

Best Business Book of 2006.

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World-Famous Negotiating Coach

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Client Testimonials

"[A colleague] continues to rave about the talk you gave. This led to his taking your seminar, which led to his substantially...

Best Selling Nonfiction Author

"Jim is simply the best negotiating coach in the business--period! His course is transformational! I use his ...

Steve E. Parry, Managing Director NGEN Partners, LLC

"Very professionally presented ...An amazing amount of useful information in a very short time."...

Purchasing Manager, Aerospace Manufacturer