Negotiate to Win (Book)

Negotiation is one skill everyone needs in order to get more of what they want – To sell more, to keep costs down, to manage better, to strengthen relationships – To Win!

Jim Thomas shows you exactly how the best negotiators reach long-lasting positive solutions that build profits, performance, and relationships.

This indispensable guide covers all you'll ever need to know about negotiating, including:

  • The 21 Rules of Successful Negotiating – And how to defend against them!
  • "Quickies" – Specific tips on how to successfully negotiate with bosses, children, car dealers, contractors, auto mechanics, and many others.
  • Why Americans are among the worst negotiators on Earth.
  • How to overcome your natural reluctance to bargain.
  • Why win-win negotiating is so vital.
  • How to thoroughly prepare for your negotiations.
  • How to deal with counterparts who intimidate or harass you.
  • How to negotiate ethically –And deal with those who don't!
  • How to negotiate more successfully across cultural lines.
  • Thomas's Truisms – 50 memorable negotiating maxims.
  • The psychology of negotiating, historical illustrations, day-to-day applications, and much, much more!


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