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We get hundreds of completely unsolicited e-mails, notes, and letters each year from attendees telling us how our programs have transformed lives, careers, and relationships. The vast majority of students who attend our programs give them the highest rating on the evaluation form. Here, in their own words, is a small sample.

Hi Jim: Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know about a success story I just had that I can say was a direct result of your class I took at PCBS last summer. I just negotiated the terms of a covenant waiver with a troublesome client. Using the techniques I learned in your class (envelopes, krunching, make me an offer, nibbling) I obtained a very favorable result and felt like a negotiating pro. This feels GREAT! I know it sounds like a cheesy infomercial endorsement, but it's the truth! Thanks!

Senior Vice President, US Bank

I am the CEO of Kora-Angola, a company that builds new cities of affordable housing in Sub-Saharan Africa. We deal with mega projects and build houses for hundreds of thousands of African people. As you can imagine, we deal with hundreds of suppliers, contractors and different stakeholders. Negotiation is one of our core activities. I wanted to write to thank you for your book. Unlike most of the books and guides on the subject, your book is clear, well explained, makes so much sense and most importantly upgrades the reader's negotiation skills and understanding significantly. For a year now, every new on-boarding senior manager in our company gets a copy of your book. We all find it very relevant even in this highly multi-cultural environment.

Nimron Gerber, Kora-Angola

"WOW! What a phenomenal program!"

Account Representative, Industrial Products Company

"Jim brings a wealth of wisdom, experience, and integrity to his work. He has helped me excel in my career and has had a significant impact on my personal and professional development. Jim has my highest recommendation."

National Sales Manager, Insurance, Pension, and Investment Company

"Negotiate to WIN provided the most usable information I've ever gotten in a workshop of any kind."

Procurement Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"Jim: You were a pivotal reason for the successful negotiation on the international treaty. The groups could not have done it without you. You should be incredibly proud. Hats off to you for your amazing work and skill! We are lucky to have you as part of our community!"

Director, Major Charitable Foundation

"I should have taken this course years ago."

CFO, Major Defense Contractor

"Mr. Thomas took the time to research our industry and our company. He customized the training to our needs. The program far exceeded my most optimistic expectations."

Director of Sales, Computer Hardware Manufacturer

"Jim's energy and enthusiasm are simply incredible. You can't help but learn."

Senior Lending Officer, Leading U.S. Bank

"[A colleague] continues to rave about the talk you gave. This led to his taking your seminar, which led to his substantially increasing his income."

Best Selling Nonfiction Author

"Jim Thomas was awesome—he is a former INF negotiator and also participated in the START talks, so it was similar to watching Michael Jordan play basketball."

CFO, National Mortgage Lender

"Jim is quick-witted, humorous, and fun. His workshop is lively, informative, and relevant."

IT Manager, Major Oil Company

"I highly recommend this seminar to any businessperson who wants the edge."

Marketing Representative, Fortune 500 Company

" Negotiate to WIN was excellent. It provided solid, practical knowledge that we can truly use in our day-to-day selling. The feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive. I would strongly suggest this course for all field sales people. Mr. Thomas is an accomplished instructor with a special way of sharing knowledge. He shows you how to handle the stressful and complicated business of negotiating. The knowledge is already in use... A salesperson got a full-truck order from a customer yesterday (after they only wanted to share trucks). Plus, [a salesperson] closed a large customer and negotiated a full-truck order. We appreciate the opportunity to attend this very useful course."

Director of Sales, Automotive Products Manufacturer

"Very professionally presented ...An amazing amount of useful information in a very short time."

Purchasing Manager, Aerospace Manufacturer

"Your training class was superb...The tools and action steps you provided should enable everyone to improve their negotiating skills."

National Sales Manager, Major Consumer Products Company

"I hope our customers don't take this training!"

Marketing Representative, INC 100 Company

"Jim's wisdom and energy touched all of us. It was a uniquely beneficial experience for everyone fortunate enough to be in the audience."

Owner, Real Estate Development Firm

"Jim: Thanks again for a really enlightening class on negotiating. People in my office loved it. There is absolutely no question that your techniques are already being employed in my world. Your class will be HIGHLY recommended to my colleagues."

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

"The best seminar I've ever attended!"

Senior Federal Government Manager

"Jim gives you the tools you need and shows you how to use them."

Finance Director, Major Telecommunications Company

"Jim: I ran into a colleague this morning and she was extremely delighted with your session. Speaking of results, I just bought a three year old [automobile] from a dealer. After many trips to his manager, the salesman got approval for the price we wanted. I whispered 'Thank you, Jim'!"

Training Director, Industrial Supply Company

"I was astonished at how quickly I found myself using the knowledge conveyed so efficiently and effectively."

Labor Relations Attorney

"I've already negotiated with her on two points and, next week, we're negotiating with a client who disagrees with a past bill. My business partner was surprised that I INSISTED on doing the negotiation. The course was invaluable!"

Co-owner, Business Book Publishing House

"Even if you think you're a skilled negotiator—take this course!"

National Sales Manager, Consumer Products Company

Jim's Negotiate To Win seminar is a must for everyone that uses negotiation in his/her profession! I currently work in private equity and am involved in complex negotiations on a regular basis. Jim's course has proved to be extremely helpful! I wish I would have take his course a lot earlier in my career!! Jim's exercises ensure that you not only improve your negotiation skills, but also have a chance to utilize his method in a real-life, practical scenario. I teach a university course on Private Equity and Venture, and used Jim's Venture Capital Negotiation Exercise in my class. The students really improved their understanding of what it takes to successfully negotiate a term sheet. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive! What a great way learn!

S.B., CFA, Mink Capital Inc.

"Jim is simply the best negotiating coach in the business--period! His course is transformational! I use his system every day, as do almost all of my companies. Every deal done at NGEN is negotiated on his platform. I would strongly recommend Jim's program as an essential course for your company!"

Steve E. Parry, Managing Director NGEN Partners, LLC

"Jim's immersion approach to negotiating is superb! I had to instantly negotiate subjects that I had no prior familiarity with. 'This was 'frightening as hell!'-- until I realized that being out of my comfort zone was what enabled me to develop my negotiating skills. Within weeks of Jim's training, I applied his principles in my everyday work. And to my surprise, with great success!"

Amaroq Weiss Center for Biological Diversity

Jim Thomas’s experience and knowledge is impressive. What made this course really special is the heart and understanding of human interactions and relationships that go beyond the superficial negotiation. I loved the part which explains what actually makes a truly successful negotiation. In my opinion the great strength of the whole course was the choice of trainer. This was very well organized and meticulous course thanks to Kexxel!!!”

Andrea Teo - VP Entertainment, Resorts World Sentosa

The trainer is very knowledgeable in the topic and intuitive in his presentation. Such a concept refresher presented by the trainer especially the practical exercises. Kexxel have good understanding of the needs of the industry to meet the current gap of today’s work situation. Keep it up!

Emla Bin Atan – Senior Project Manager, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

“Jim is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker. You can tell by the way he speaks. I was able to take-away the nitty-gritty examples and techniques for negotiation that would be essential in my line of work. For future participants from Petron or any other company, I would highly encourage attending this event especially if their job involves negotiation.”

Mohd Abdullah Shabri – CV Sales Manager, Petron Fuel International

“The main strength of the event for me was learning the rules of negotiation and how to apply what we have learned to our daily conversation. Kexxel Group put in a lot of effort to organize this training.”

Evelyn Yei Jin Foong - Key Account Manager, Pfizer Malaysia

“The trainer, Jim is knowledgeable, upfront and frank. He also gave an amazing and tremendously interesting presentation. For me the qualities of the trainer such as his effective communication skill and his goal-oriented manner were the main strength of the event.”

Alex Lesley Balagurusamy – Legal Counsel, Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia

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