Why You Need Skillful Negotiation Now More Than Ever Before


Achieving success won't be getting any easier.

  • The competition will keep strengthening; margins will keep eroding.
  • Cost-consciousness will keep growing; the pace of innovation will keep accelerating.
  • Organizations everywhere will struggle for ever-greater efficiency.
  • Growing economic pressures will bring increasingly assertive dealings between parties.
  • Ever-smaller advantages will separate success from failure.

Substandard negotiating skills are an obstacle to success. 

Poor negotiating brings increased costs, reduced profits, lost opportunities, unsatisfactory agreements, misunderstandings, delays, legal disputes, and more—potentially reducing an organization's effectiveness to a significant degree. The ability to negotiate skillfully is vital today.  And it's certain to become even more essential in the future.  The most successful companies and organizations know that better negotiating is a proven way to gain and keep that all-important competitive edge.  And when they consider a negotiation training program they overwhelmingly choose NEGOTIATE TO WIN®.


Your business will thrive and you'll be more successful in your professional and personal life.

Whether we're closing a contract, asking (or being asked) for a raise, making a sales presentation, buying a car, establishing performance criteria, setting a schedule, correcting a co-worker—we're constantly negotiating. In fact, almost all of our dealings with others call for some sort of negotiating. It's no accident that good negotiators are more successful in their professional and personal lives. And they provide their fortunate employers a real advantage in today's fiercely competitive business environment.


Are you ready to learn how to Negotiate?

Have you made up your mind that you're finally going to strengthen your negotiating skills? If so NEGOTIATE TO WIN® is the program to make it happen. This powerful program is specifically designed to produce an immediate and meaningful improvement in your bargaining skills.  It's a must for anyone looking for a practical, no-nonsense approach to negotiating more successfully.  You'll learn dozens of proven, practical tips and techniques to make you a better negotiator.


is Unrivaled

It's the definitive "how-to" course that has helped thousands of people attain new levels of success in their business and personal transactions. Our widely-acclaimed program is a popular on-site offering for companies, government agencies, associations, and other organizations. For much less than the cost of individual enrollments at public sessions, Common Ground can present a customized program on-site for your organization.


Our Methodology

We create a customized, "high-immersion" training environment for maximum participation and learning. Instructional methods include multimedia, lecture, group discussion, diagnostic tests and evaluations, simulations, and other interactive techniques. During the program, students are regularly challenged to demonstrate what they've learned through customized case study simulations.


Session Length

NEGOTIATE TO WIN® is typically a two-day program. However, program length can be adjusted to fit your requirements.


 We'll Interview Your Key Personnel (at no additional cost) to Customize Your Program.

Many firms promise tailored programs but deliver the same tired old materials. Common Ground is different. When we say tailored, we mean it! We work with you to ensure that our training thoroughly and specifically addresses your organization's priorities and concerns. We interview your people (confidentially of course) and we learn your business: 

  • Who you are;
  • What you do and how you do it;
  • Where your industry stands and where you stand in your industry;
  • What your short- and long-term objectives are;
  • What circumstances your negotiators face; and,
  • Who your target audience is. 

We'll prepare unique training materials for you.

Tailored case studies—lifelike scenarios that students can instantly relate to—are the best way to clarify, validate and reinforce classroom concepts, and make them immediately transferable to the workplace. Common Ground is unsurpassed when it comes to the creation of unique, client-specific exercises. 

At no additional charge, we work in partnership with you to develop convincingly realistic scenarios that will excite and inform your attendees. Our training is flexibly designed to complement and reinforce your organization's current training programs.



In all aspects of your work with Common Ground, you are assured of complete confidentiality. Our commitment to discretion and privacy encourages clients to give us access to the information we need to customize training for maximum participation and learning.  Upon request, Common Ground will be pleased to formalize this promise with a Nondisclosure Agreement.


Participant Materials

Participants receive a variety of valuable in-class and take-home handouts and tools, including:

  • Checklists
  • Case studies
  • Samples
  • Guides
  • Pocket Reference Cards
  • Negotiate to WIN® Workbook: designed as a practical, desktop reference for continued use long after your training session. 

Our On-Site Requirements

We ask that you provide the training facility, an LCD projector, a screen, a flip chart and markers, and above all, enthusiastic attendees who sincerely want to improve their negotiating skills! You can also supply optional items such as sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, writing materials, name badges, and diplomas.


Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is very straightforward.  We think it says a lot about the effectiveness of Common Ground training.  We guarantee that within two weeks after your training session you'll recover the price of your session through better negotiating. If not, we'll refund your money!


For more information or a proposal, please click below, or call:

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