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Jim Thomas

World-Renowned Negotiating Coach


Hi, I'm Jim Thomas. Welcome to Common Ground Seminars. 

Did you know that negotiation skills are more essential than ever before? 

In our global economy, it’s essential that you sharpen your negotiation skills to give your organization the edge it needs to not only profit but survive. This is especially true in today’s changing economy.

Through our fresh, bold approach, you’ll learn potent techniques to help you navigate through the toughest negotiations. And, because we customize our presentations, you'll get immediate, measurable results.

Unlike our Competitors:

  • We customize our training with interviews from your key employees,
  • Develop personalized case studies, and
  • Conduct sessions that resonate with your attendees. 

Don't waste your money (and your staff's time) on "run-of-the-mill," standardized negotiation training. 

Our Graduates:

  • Negotiate more effectively than our competitors' clients,  
  • They achieve negotiating proficiency right out of class, and
  • They maintain their skills longer.  


Plus, Negotiate to Win Training is Guaranteed.

If you don’t recover the cost of your Negotiate to Win Workshop through more effective negotiating within just two weeks, and if each of your attendees doesn’t recover at least 5 times the cost of attendance through more effective negotiating within one year, we'll refund your money. 


Where else are you guaranteed a 500% annual return on your training investment?



  • Improve your negotiating skills and increase your profits with our Workshops, Keynotes, Coaching, and Consulting. 
  • Jim can help with your upcoming negotiations over the phone, via Skype, or with a visit to your site.  
  • Even a few hours of negotiating expertise can have an extremely positive impact on your bottom line.  


Jim is an Expert in:

  • Banking*
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Domestic & International Business
  • Trade & Diplomacy
  • Real Estate
  • Labor Relations
  • The Environment
  • Arms Control
  • And a host of other subjects

*Jim is a Faculty Member of The Pacific Coast Banking School and Louisiana State University's Graduate School of Banking.    

Jim's Clients include:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • National, State & Local Governments
  • Multi-National Corporations & Organizations



      Nominated for a Pulitzer!

Available in Many Languages!

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Chinese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Russian,
Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, German, French


Negotiate to Win: Customized To Your Organization's Unique Needs
Even if your employees work at home, with remote learning technologies, they can still learn how to dramatically increase your profits through better negotiating. In addition to our in-person training, Negotiate to Win programs are offered through live, interactive web conferencing.  Common Ground can use Google Classroom, Zoom, Chime, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms to deliver inspired, peer-level Negotiate to Win training online. 
To learn more, contact me (Jim Thomas) at (844) 522-0100 Ext 800.  Working together, we can deliver unforgettable Negotiate to Win training no matter what the circumstances.

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Sharpen your negotiation skills, and give your business the edge it needs to profit.

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World-Famous Negotiating Coach

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