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Sharpen your negotiation skills, and give your business the edge it needs to profit.


Our negotiation training programs are presented as in-house, client-sponsored programs that are custom-designed from one of our existing courses. Sessions are arranged by, and conducted for, individual clients. They are shaped by your requested content, session length, and group-size.

We'll tailor a Common Ground Program for you, or develop a new one, based on your specific needs. 


Our Training Methodology

Engaging, intense, active, interesting, fun and effective—these are our standards for content and delivery. Our programs are performance-enhancement experiences that unfold in a "high-immersion" training environment of multimedia, lecture, group discussion, case studies, diagnostic tests, and other interactive techniques.

While no two Common Ground programs are alike, a representative time allocation for each session is 25 percent didactic, 25 percent facilitated problem solving, 40 percent experiential case study simulation, and 10 percent takeaway review and summary.

Participants will put what they've learned to the test in challenging, skill-building case study simulations. They don't just learn the material—they experience it. The result is practical, hard-hitting training that produces immediate, measurable improvement in attendees' skills.


Tailoring To Meet Your Company's Needs

Many firms promise tailored programs but deliver the same old canned presentations. Common Ground is different. We extensively customize every negotiation program we present.   We work with you to ensure that your program specifically addresses your organization's priorities and concerns, and complements your philosophy, strategy, products, procedures and existing training programs.

We interview your people (confidentially, of course) and we learn your business—who you are; what you do; how you do it; what your corporate culture is; where your industry stands and where you stand in your industry; what your short- and long-term objectives are; and what issues, problems and circumstances affect your target audience.

With this information, we prepare a unique negotiation training event for you. Tailored case studies and lifelike scenarios that students can instantly relate to are the best way to clarify, validate and reinforce classroom concepts. This makes them immediately transferable to the workplace.

Common Ground is unsurpassed when it comes to the creation of unique, client-specific exercises.  We work in partnership with you to develop case studies based on convincingly realistic scenarios that will excite and inform your attendees.


Our On-Site Requirements

We ask that you provide the training facility, an LCD projector, a screen, a flip chart and markers, and above all, enthusiastic attendees who sincerely want to improve their negotiating skills. Optional items you might supply include sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, writing materials, name cards and badges, and diplomas. 



Our Guarantee

We guarantee that within two weeks of the program, you'll recover the cost of your in-house session through more effective negotiating. If not, we'll refund your money!


List of Training Programs 

Negotiate to WIN®

Train-the-Trainer Programs

Advanced Negotiate to WIN

International Negotiate to WIN

Negotiate to WIN for Salespeople

Negotiate to WIN for Purchasing Professionals

Negotiate to WIN for Information Technology Professionals

Negotiate to WIN for Women

Negotiate to WIN for Labor Relations Professionals

Negotiate to WIN for Legal Professionals

The Conflict Resolution Workshop™

Negotiate to WIN Refresher Programs

Custom-Designed Programs

Influence to WIN

Common Grounds offers programs for specific regions, nations and cultures.
Negotiate to WIN
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Negotiate to WIN
Bangkok, Thailand
Negotiate to WIN

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Sharpen your negotiation skills, and give your business the edge it needs to profit.

Our negotiation training programs are presented as in-house, client-sponsored programs that are custom-designed from one of our existing courses. Learn More


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